A solution for every aspect of transfer booking

Employee Account

  1. Your employees can book by themselves
  2. Your employees can assign themselves to a Team Assistant
  3. Guaranteed price when booking
  4. Confirmation of transfer requests via email or SMS
  5. Digitally PDF invoices will be provided for download after every transfer
  6. Payment via the employee's credit card
  7. Access to pooling option

Team Assistant Account

  1. Management and bookings of transfer services for a specified group of people
  2. Booking of transfer services for guests
  3. Quick access to all current transfer data

Travel Agency Account

  1. Centralised booking solution for implants or travel departments
  2. Choice of different payment methods
  3. Optional: Access to employee data and statistics

Guest Account / Event Account

  1. Booking system for guests and external visitors
  2. Choice of payment as a guest or on behalf of company
  3. Integration of negotiated pricing upon request

Front Desk Account

  1. Instant bookings through your reception staff
  2. Transferbookings for all assigned groups of people
  3. Transfer booking for guests and visitors

Travel Management Account

  1. List of all transfers booked by the company
  2. Detailed statistics and reports
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