What World Transfer does for you

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  1. We bring you extra business and optimize your car utilization via our sales and marketing actions
  2. We do not charge you any fees to work for us as a transfer service provider
  3. You can decide what transfers you want to accept
  4. We allow you to see all transfer requests online with the actual amount that will be paid you
  5. We take care of the online booking in your name, as well as the billing and invoicing processes
  6. We take care of money collection and credit-card fees

How you can offer our clients comfort and reliability

  1. You have at least 1 vehicle (1-3 persons) or 1 van (up to 8 persons), offering Premium Economy Class, Business Class or First Class
  2. You meet all legal requirements for commercial transportation of passengers in your region/country
  3. Your drivers possess a valid driving and passenger transport permit for the country they are in and speak the local language, as well as English
  4. Your vehicles have licenses and insurance coverage in accordance with legal traffic licensing and safety requirements and are in perfect condition

How to accept a transfer request

  1. We will send you an online access
  2. All new transfer requests will be displayed in the online system with the actual payment you will receive without any commission or tax deductions
  3. You accept the transfers you want - whether they are short-term requests or requested weeks in advance

How is billing and payment processed

  1. The billing is done with you bi-monthly via a credit note that provides a complete overview of all transfers executed
  2. The owing amount will be transferred to your account

Become our international transfer service provider »

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