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    A long tradition

    The history of the limousine goes back to the 18th century; however, at the beginning of the 18th century, the chauffer service was that of a coachman until the motor engine was finally developed. The world’s first motorized carriage, with just 4 horsepower, was developed in May 1897 from the Daimler Motor Company. Therefore, the horse carriage was slowly replaced with basic motorised limousines that had more horsepower. From 1908, further developments were made by major automotive manufacturers. The chauffer service expanded quickly and taxi-meters were successively installed to display the price of the ride. This then led to a rapid spread of taxi companies. The limousines during this period already looked chic and pompous and the limo service was an important status symbol. The word limousine is derived from the name of the French region “Limousin” because the covered compartment physically resembled the raised hood of the cloak worn by the shepherds there. Today, the limousine, or limo for short, is an automobile without a folding roof.

    Oldtimer mit Chauffeur - Die Limousine

    Symbol for prestige, fame and status

    The elegant limousines are still a symbol for prestige, fame and status. What was once only a means of transport for heads of state, movie stars and the rich, it is now accessible for general public. Limo services have always been popular for celebrating special occasions; however, limousines are increasingly being used for business purposes to demonstrate success. The high-class chauffer service has become mainstream in certain business circles. The interiors of the limousines are luxuriously fitted and offer a comfortable ambience. Tinted windows allow complete privacy but do not block the view for the passengers. With a bottle of champagne and the exclusive atmosphere, one can feel like a movie star! These are priceless moments that one does not forget. Treat yourself to an exclusive limo service and experience the lifestyle of the rich and famous.