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    Airport Taxi and Airport Shuttle

    With the airport taxi and airport shuttle from World Transfer you will be transferred to you desired airport quickly and efficiently. Book your airport taxi and airport shuttle up to 24 hours before your required pick-up time. You can reserve your shuttle or airport taxi at a suitable time, and you will have a cost-efficient transfer to the airport.

    Take advantage of the individual airport taxi or the cost-efficient shuttle to the airport:

    • - For business or leisure travellers
    • - Savings on travel costs up to 30%
    • - 100 % coverage of all German airports
    • - Airport taxis for individual transfers
    • - Cost-efficient airport shuttles for larger groups

    With the airport taxi you are free to book what suits you and you will arrive comfortably and on-time at the airport. With the airport shuttle, you have the option of transferring to the airport together with other travellers, for example, colleagues from your company. The shuttle will pick you up from your house or at your office and transfer you to the airport. Needless to say, you can also book the airport taxi or airport shuttle from the airport to your home, office, or any other destination in Germany. Next time you book an airport taxi or airport shuttle from World Transfer you will enjoy the freedom of not having to rely on public transport and also benefit from the lower prices compared to a regular taxi.

    For which airport do you require an airport taxi?

    For corporate clients who require frequent airport taxis and airport shuttles, World Transfer offers a Business Shuttle Solution. The advantage of the Business Shuttle is that you can book your airport taxi or airport shuttle transfers throughout Germany via a central booking platform, which allows your company to have a complete overview of the travel costs. Would you like to make your high-volume airport taxi and airport shuttle transfer bookings more simple and efficient? If that is the case, please have a closer look at our Business Shuttle Solution by making a personal appointment with us. We look forward to hearing from you!